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Perine Danforth – Focus on Service in the Fastener Business

Perine Danforth Company, LLC, is the combination of John Perine Co. and Danforth Screw & Bolt. We have been providing fastener service to our customers for decades.

We are committed to providing the best possible service and the highest quality products. At Perine Danforth we are constantly working to improve our performance.

Our customers look for partner-vendors who help them be more productive, operate more efficiently and allow them to focus on running their businesses. To meet these needs, we are constantly monitoring our performance to insure we are improving our efficiency, productivity, and accuracy so that we can be the best possible partner for our customers.

At Perine Danforth we take great pride in supplying the highest quality products to our customers. We handle fastener lines from some of the best manufacturers in the United States; as well, we work closely with offshore sources in the global supply chain, enabling us to find the best fastener sources from all around the world.

All of our suppliers are continually monitored as part of the Perine Danforth Company fastener quality assurance program. Our quality system helps insure our customers get the fasteners and component parts they want, and the quality they expect.

Contact Perine Danforth today and let one our specialists assist you with your fastener or component needs.

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