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Industrial Fasteners/Components



Perine-Danforth is proud to be the west coast leader in the distribution of fasteners. Not only do we offer a large range of products, but we also specialize in a variety of related services.

Perine-Danforth has been in business since 1937. Our many years of experience set us apart from our competitors. The services we offer include:

  • Custom kitting/ packaging
  • Just-in- time programs
  • VMI programs
  • Stocking programs
  • 24-hour emergency turnaround

Warehouse Staff

Our warehouse staff combined has over 35 years experience in the fasteners. They understand what it takes to make sure that the customer’s special requirements are met. With the latest scanning systems in place, we ensure that the product goes out on the promised date and is tracked until the customer is satisfied.

Packaging Department

Our packaging has the state-of-the-art packaging and sorting equipment that can fulfill any job, small or large. We are capable of any combination of packaging or kitting. Every package is checked and doubled checked before leaving this department.

Quality Management

Our Quality Control Department is set up with the latest precision calibrated gauges, calipers and micrometers on the market. All product passes through our receiving department then goes into QC for the final inspection before it ever hits the warehouse. Perine-Danforth can provide testing to either your particular specifications or to International standards, including ASTM, ANSI, SAE and ISO.

Delivery Service

With our full fleet of trucks, we can deliver anywhere is the greater part of Seattle that same day at no charge. With most orders serving California, Idaho, Nevada, Montana will be prepaid freight.


Sales Staff

The sales staff are all trained in knowing all the different metals, grades, plating and in-house SKU numbers. Whether by phone or email, every request is handled within a 24-hour time frame. All orders are watched until the product goes out the door. All customer information is saved in our system to ensure that your next order will be at the same price and quality as the time before. Between our sister company, Fasco Fasteners, and Perine-Danforth, there is less than 1% that we can’t quote on.