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Industrial Fasteners/Components



Service at Perine Danforth Company

The Perine Danforth focus is never-ending, total customer satisfaction. Let Perine Danforth provide you with your fasteners and component parts. Our Vendor Managed Inventory programs will help reduce your on hand inventory, save money, and provide peace of mind.

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Component Parts

Cold Forgings, Screw Machine, CNC Lathe, Hot Forgings, Powder Metal, MIM, Insert Moldings, Castings…and many more.

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Packaged Parts

Our automated packaging processes are designed to meet your EXACT requirements.

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Different Platings

Our supply chain partners provide all types of plating and finishing to meet the most stringent quality and aesthetic requirements, including zinc, chrome, copper, hot dip galv and many others.

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Plastic Parts

Perine Danforth supplies all of the nylon, rubber and plastic component parts you need, including nylon 6/6,  Acetel®, Rubatex® and many more.

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Vendor-Managed Inventory

Let Perine Danforth custom design a site-specific VMI program for your facility. Services include in-house store, kanban, dock-to-stock, onsite service and more.

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PDC Quality Sheet

The Perine Danforth “Total Quality Supplier” philosophy provides value to our customers with ultra low PPMs, reliability, and peace of mind.

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PDC Line Card

Total fastener service!

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